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Claire's Journal Thing

A journal thing that belongs to Claire

29 August 1986
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Profile is a lie.
a clockwork orange, ambient, angst, angsty angst, animals, anthropomorphic, apathy, aqua teen hunger force, aragorn, art, athf, autumn tears, bats, being a teenager, being insane, biting things, blackbirds, blood, bollywood, bondage, books, boots, borders, catharsis, cats, chai, college of wooster, computers, confusing people, corsets, critters, darkwave, death, deviantart, devotchka, disliking harry potter, doodling, drawing, dresden dolls, ethereal, evil in general, evil magical powers (mwu-ha-ha), eyes, faith and disease, fantasy, fiction, fingersmith, fire, fishnets, food, foreign films, gaelic, generic plastic wrap, good grammar, gormenghast, goth, goth comics, gothical, grahzny bratchnies, hannibal lecter, hating high school, hating old people, high school, house of leaves, indiana, insanity, invader zim, irish things, jhonen vasquez, jonathon rhys-meyers, jthm, julie taymore, jumping off bridges, jumping off buildings, kai, knives, languages, lesbians, lesbosians, lexicography, lexx, listing many interests, long nails, long words, lord of the flies, lord of the rings, lord of the stuff, loreena mckennit, michael mcmanus, mors syphilitica, mucks, music, nepenthe, nicolette ilyov, not techno music, not-complaining people, odd wings, old movies, paganism, pain, paint, perky goth, photoshop, pidgeon fever, pie man, pigs' heads on sticks, poetry, pointy things, porcelain, pretending to have angst, pretty clothing, pretty things, pseudo goth, psychology, psychoses, random nothingness, randomness, rasputina, reading, red dragon, roleplaying, rping, sarah waters, shiny things, silence of the lambs, silver, spelling, squee, star trek, staring at things, straight edged razor blades, stuart townsend, suicide, teenage, teenageness, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, time travel, tin whistles, tipping the velvet, titus, tolkein, vampires, violence, violins, voltaire, wings, wooster, words, writing